Getting back to work on the D.Surf Ranch.

Aaron is back from Baja and back to collecting eggs from the chickens on  the D.Surf Ranch.  (Photos of their Baja trip to follow, soon.)

Aaron & Katherine's Easter trip to Scorpion Bay.

Cutting out the vinyl for Aaron's truck cover.

Sewing it up

Truck Cover finished all ready to hit the road for Scorpion Bay.  Aaron & Katherine and family are in Baja for Easter Vacation.  More pictures of the trip will be added when they return home.

Aaron Smith, owner of Destination Surf, & friends on their way to Pasquales, Mexico

Rob Zseleczky, Patagonia Surf Sales Manager. Making sure he packed it all.

 Justin Marlett, Owner, AKA Surfboards, just making sure there is enough room.
 Josh Tudor, Wood Butcher, putting his dive gear in.
 Justin, making sure it will all fit!
Destination Surf Coffin

 Aaron Smith, Owner Destination Surf & Patagonia West Coast Sales Rep., getting his back pack on.

 Justin, hefting his HEAVY dive bag.
All set!!
Whew!  Made it to the Tijuana International Airport.
Aaron Smith Owner Destination Surf & Patagonia West Coast Sales Rep., Rob Zseleczky Sales Mgr. Patagonia Surf, Josh Tudor Wood Butcher, & Justin Marlett Owner AKA Surfboards, left today, Mar. 25, 2011 for a surf trip to Pasquales on mainland Mexico.